Opening Ceremony's James Veloria Pop Up Is Everything You Need

Opening Ceremony's James Veloria Pop Up Is Everything You Need

In a collaboration for the ages, Opening Ceremony's latest genius collaboration is with James Veloria, iconic Chinatown vintage store incepted by New York's fashion finest, Collin Weber and Brandon Giordano.

The pop up will be the first of Veloria's to grace the Opening Ceremony flagship store, and for its debut collection will feature exclusively Prada and Miu Miu. The drop will be on sale for two weeks, just like its predecessor, Jean Paul Gaultier. Prepare to be served some Y2k realness with a touch of farmer-girl chic — honestly each piece is a must-have (with most retailing for under $200).

OC Fashion Director Carol Song says the collaboration has been a long time coming, especially given their longstanding relationship with the company's founder, Humberto Leon.

"We are avid vintage shoppers and always on the lookout for our current obsessions," Lim tells PAPER. "When the James Veloria in-store collaboration came to us, we were all looking for Jean Paul Gaultier and Junior Gaultier, as well as Prada, Prada Sport, and Miu Miu. We really felt a need to share this obsession with the store and our customers, and knew that James Veloria would be the perfect partner."

Get the sense of what's on offer, below, and head to Opening Ceremony to see more.

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Photography: Grace Rossi-Conaway