You Can Now Buy a Jade Roller for Your Entire Body

You Can Now Buy a Jade Roller for Your Entire Body

Every now and then, a casual scroll across Instagram will inevitably lead you to an influencer rubbing a crystal jade roller across their face, raving about its infinite benefits.

The tiny device is so beloved, it has become an essential "skincare step" in every beauty fanatic's routine for reportedly giving an instant glow by increasing blood circulation.

Now taking this one step forward is the first jade body roller. Called the Allover Roller, the product is the brainchild of LA-based beauty label Esker, and promises identical benefits for all of your body.

"With a textured, solid roller that increases stimulation, this tool enhances body care routines through a simple self-massage ritual and at the same time boosts the effects of products and treatments," the brand explains. "The Allover Roller extends the beloved ritual of jade rolling beyond the just the face with benefits ranging from instant cooling and soothing to over time skin that is toned, firm and glowing."

The brand new product works by stimulating the "lymphatic system," which helps with "detoxifying" the whole body and skin regeneration.

Much like a traditional jade roller, the product further claims to alleviate any tension across the body, and boost circulation ultimately providing a "brightening and toning effect."

Esker recommends applying an "absorbing body oil," and then steadily rolling the product all over your neck, chest, shoulders, legs, arms, torso, and the bottom of your feet.

What's more is the product comes in a 100 percent plastic-free recyclable box. The Allover Body Roller retails for $65 and is available to shop here.

Photo courtesy of Esker