Isamaya Ffrench Transforms Into 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

Isamaya Ffrench Transforms Into 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

by Isamaya Ffrench

Movie characters are the best for Halloween looks because they’re like pop culture icons — and that goes for makeup, as well. I chose to re-interpret the look of Lisbeth Salander from the world-famous Swedish bestselling saga Millennium, who’s been portrayed by Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace on-screen. It tied up very nicely with the first drop of ISAMAYA Beauty and the look I created for the Poster Girl Spring Summer 2023 fashion show last month in London.

First, separate the brows using with our Browlacq brow laminator. Apply generously, as it will help with the next few steps. Use the tail end of the comb to section the eyebrow, and brush up the part you’re going to keep to create the spikes. Flatten the second half of the brow as much as you can.

To start blocking the eyebrow and ensure the smoothest result, apply a nice layer of pros-aide, or any other sort of face flue, on the second half of the brow, the one you’re going to conceal. Powder the brows to set the glue.

Use the best color correctors and concealers adapted to your skin tone to cancel darkness or any remaining imperfection, and follow with a powder that’s lighter in color.

Leave the blocking to set for a moment and work on the spikes in the remaining, visible part of the brows. Apply more brow gel and use the pointy end of the comb to help and shape the hairs however you prefer. Don’t be afraid to brush them against the grain to make them face up.

Once you’re happy with the shape, go back to the other part and use several shades of concealers to hide the brows and create a natural skin color. You can also reapply a bit of foundation if the brow gel removed the initial coat.

Take the Industrial Color Pigments eyeshadow palette and dip a small long brush in the shade LEATHER, which is a black putty, to use as an eyeliner and create spiky brush strokes underneath the eyes that will echo the eyebrow shapes. Your eyes don’t have to be symmetrical.

Using your finger, apply a thin layer of LEATHER all over the lips too to make them look darker and edgier. Blend it well to get an even result.

Take a smaller brush and use SWEAR, the purple iridescent color of the palette, on the inner corner of the eyes and on the center of the lips to add a bit more depth.

Finish the look with the Liplacq lip serum on the edge of the lips and patting the center of the lips gently to avoid rubbing off the colors you just applied.

Photo courtesy of Isamaya Ffrench