Influencer Loses Hair on Instagram Live

Influencer Loses Hair on Instagram Live

An Instagram influencer is paying the price for self-administering a bleaching and relaxing hair treatment. Experts recommend leaving at least a few weeks between both treatments and definitely having a professional do it for you. But despite repeated warnings from friends and fans, Lori Faith, who is known for experimenting with her hair, went ahead and used a relaxer right after the bleach, unfortunately both on Instgaram live.

The shocking video shows Faith adding a relaxer to the mix right after bleaching her hair. As she combs through it, she begins to notice chunks of her hair falling off. Gasping in horror, she quickly runs to the bathroom to wash it off, but by then it was too late.

Soon after, Faith posted a video titled "my hair fell out... and now im bald," to explain what happened. Captioning it "im an idiot," she went on to express her regrets and bad judgement. "I'm fucking bald," she said. "You heard it. I said it. I'm bald," she says in the beginning.

"I never thought I would go this far... I thought I would just have a really really short haircut with color," she said, adding that positive messages from her followers eventually made her feel better. "I feel like this was a good mistake because now my hair can grow naturally."

She also talked about how her mother has been bald since the age of 11. "It's not a bad thing 'cause there's a lot of people that are bald, not by choice," she said. Faith further reflected on how she ignored warnings from friends to wait a few weeks after using the bleach, advising her followers to always consult a professional.

"Don't put a relaxer in bleached hair, don't even put relaxer at all unless you're professional, because this is what you will look like," she says towards the end. Follow Lori Faith here.

Photo via Instagram