K-Pop Star Holland 'Really Wanted to Have Sex' With Lil Nas X

K-Pop Star Holland 'Really Wanted to Have Sex' With Lil Nas X

Holland is shooting his shot with Lil Nas X.

On Thursday, December 1, the K-pop star took to Twitter to make his intentions known by uploading a video recap about meeting his celebrity crush earlier this week. And he definitely didn't mince words while relaying their first meeting.

"Three days ago, I met Lil Nas X and he said 'Hi,'" Holland said.

"Just cut this part," the openly gay idol appeared to tell the cameraman before adding, "I really wanted to have sex with him. I said 'Hello,' but he was so busy."

However, he didn't let the "Industry Baby" star's busy schedule stop Holland from chatting him up, during which the hunky hitmaker apparently told him that he had a "good hairstyle." And so what does Holland do in response?

"I told him 'Give me a kiss' or something like that," he said. "'Please kiss me!' But no."

Despite being directly mentioned in the post, Lil Nas X has yet to respond to Holland's video. However, that hasn't deterred thousands of fans from shipping the potential pairing, in addition to tagging the two-time Grammy winner beneath the tweet. Specifically with funny joke stories about what an amazing guy Holland is.

"Holland my dear thank you for letting me borrow your private jet and giving me your ferrari! And I'm also so grateful for you donating your left kidney to my mom! You're the best," as one person wrote, while another asked Lil Nas X to "give him a chance," because "holland saved me from a burning building."

While we'll be sure to let you know if Lil Nas X responds to Holland's tweet. In the meantime though, you can watch the K-pop star's retelling of the moment below.

Photos by Rich Fury / Getty & Park Jong Ha / PAPER


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