Hermès Skateboards Are Now Apparently a Thing

Hermès Skateboards Are Now Apparently a Thing

Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life (read: things like Raf Simons' new duct tape)? Did you allocate over $20,000 in funds to your owning a Birkin bag? Have you always wanted to show off your secret skateboarding abilities but could never find a board chic enough to be seen on? Same, and while you and I are certainly part of a very, very tiny and niche market, our endless struggle must be addressed.

Thankfully Hermès is here to answer our prayers, if you have $3000 dollars, of course. The brand has released both longboards and skateboards in a series of in archival designs: "Bouclerie Modern," "Cavalcadour" and "Sangles en zigzag." Each deck is reportedly made of light beech wood with a noble maple veneer. Whatever noble maple veneer means.

Here they are, in all their glory.

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Pick one up online and in store from September. What a truly exciting time.

[h/t High Snobiety]
Images courtesty of Hèrmes