#HEATWAVE2019 Is Trending

#HEATWAVE2019 Is Trending

The heat is obviously getting to people. The excessive heat warning for New York City and Southern New York State won't be letting up until Sunday evening, and the heat wave is expected to hit two-thirds of the entire country. People are not-so-but-kind-of-literally melting down, and they're tweeting about it with the hashtag #HEATWAVE2019.

According to CNN, over 85 % of the lower 48's population will be experiencing temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and more than half will be experiencing temperatures above 95 degrees for the next few days. There have even been warnings and guidelines regarding staying safe while hitting the beach with such record-high temperatures.

And while going online won't solve this issue brought to us by climate change, nor will Twitter help you take your mind off the excruciating heat, these tweets will help you laugh through the miserable weather.

As other tweeters have pointed out, the temperatures the lower 48 are experiencing are not foreign to states such as Nevada or Arizona. However, all jokes aside, this is not normal for the states declaring an emergency, and definitely not a good sign in terms of where our environment is headed and humanity's — and all life on Earth's — future.

We all need to read more about simple, day-to-day things you can do to help Mother Earth. You can start here.

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