Electronic folk-pop artist Haux creates atmospheric music with an otherworldly touch. "Heartbeat," the first single off sophomore Ep Something To Remember, is a haunting track, anchored by straight up ghostly vocals and spare, icy synths. The below clip is a preview of the companion short film that will accompany the new album. The video stars models Chloe Nørgaard and Sam Laiz as two lovers confronted with a difficult choice.

"I get the chills anytime I remember this day at the beach," Haux said. "The landscape was so desolate it somehow made us shiver even more. I tried my best to capture that haunting feeling of being completely alone with your thoughts; those relentless kind of thoughts that never leave you. I wanted to show that while there is always pain in remembering, there is tenderness too."

Something To Remember is out March 30 via Ultra Records.

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