Harry Styles Fans Troll This Conservative Pundit

Harry Styles Fans Troll This Conservative Pundit

by Hedy Phillips

OG Harry Styles fans know that the British singer did a stint in the military. In case you missed it, he was part of the armed forces in Dunkirk, France, during WWII. OK, so Styles only played a soldier in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, but the photographic evidence in the form of stills from the film were enough to troll a conservative who seems to think Styles would benefit from time in the military.

Following Styles’ epic performance at Coachella last weekend — complete with a custom rainbow Gucci jumpsuit — “Anti-Fake News Conservative Phenomenon” Greg Kelly tweeted a picture of him, writing, “I think Harry Styles would benefit from 3 years in the Marine Corps.” What this has to do with his performance, his success, or his bearing on Kelly’s life is beyond any fans’ comprehension, however, Kelly seemed to take issue with what Styles wore and how he performed.

But the beautiful result of this is the way Harries — or Hairballs, if you will — took the opportunity to troll Kelly right back by claiming that the “As It Was” singer did, in fact, serve in the military. Well... in a way.

I think my fellow Harries did quite a lovely job at defending our fave, but it seems like the jokes all went over Kelly’s head. He responded to the barrage of tweets by pointing out that Dunkirk is a role and not real life. Sick burn...

Styles has been attacked by conservative pundits in the past, including when Candace Owens came after him in 2020 for posing on the cover of Vogue in a dress. At the time, she ranted about the feminization of men, claiming that the world won’t go 'round without strong dudes. She concluded by issuing a plea to “bring back manly men.”

Not only did this not go over well with Harries all over the world, but several other celebrities chimed in to defend the star. Elijah Wood was one such celebrity who defended Styles, tweeting that Owens clearly has no idea what actually makes a man manly. Styles’ friend, actor Zach Braff, lamented that life is short, telling people to “Be whatever the fuck you want to be.”

And while Styles sometimes takes the high road when shots are fired his way, he casually dropped a photo on Instagram soon after all this went down with the caption, “Bring back manly men.” To top it off, he’s eating a banana in the photo and wearing a gender-bending suit with pleats and darts.

Photo via Getty/ Kevin Mazur/ ABA