Halima Aden's Vogue Arabia Cover is Exactly What We All Need Right Now

Halima Aden's Vogue Arabia Cover is Exactly What We All Need Right Now

As Trump continues his crusade on Muslim-majority countries, established outlets celebrating diversity is more important than ever – which makes the latest issue of Vogue Arabia featuring Halima Aden, the first hijab-wearing model to walk the international catwalk, incredibly exciting.

This marks the former Miss Minnesota, Yeezy runway alum and Carine Roitfeld protégée first-ever Vogue cover, which is accompanied by an in-depth feature on the model titled "All Eyes on Halima" along with the tag line,"The runway star shattering stereotypes."

Muslim representation on the cover of Vogue Arabia is a step in the right direction for the publication, considering they faced mild backlash for featuring featured Gigi Hadid in a head scarf on their debut issue.

The fact young girls will have the chance to see a model they can really relate to on the cover of high fashion magazines is certainly an exciting prospect. In a video released alongside the cover image, the model spoke about embracing diversity and remaining true to your identity.

"Every little girl deserves to see a role model that's dressed like her, resembles her or even has the same characteristics as her," she says. "I think beauty is for everyone and I think everyone can look beautiful, you just have to be confident."

Bravo, Vogue Arabia.

[h/t Fashionista]
Image courtesy of Vogue Arabia