Watch a Hypnotizing Clip of Grace Jones Putting on Her Makeup

Watch a Hypnotizing Clip of Grace Jones Putting on Her Makeup

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated Grace Jones documentary has arrived, and it's simply a mesmerizing clip of the legendary Jamaican performer and model applying makeup on the road and in her dressing room.

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami was shot by director Sophie Fiennes (The Pervert's Guide to Ideology) over the course of a decade and "offers a stylish and unconventional look at the Jamaican-born model, singer and New Wave Icon." ('Bloodlight' is patois for the red light of a recording studio and 'bami' means bread, or "the substance of daily life.")

"Sometimes you have to be a high-flying bitch," Jones quotes from the film Dolores Clairborne before calling for more rouge for her "tribal" look.

Jones told Screen Daily: "This is the first time people will see me in this way. They will see a very candid portrayal. It is raw. It will be like seeing me almost naked I'm very happy with the film. I didn't feel like it was an invasion. It was a very smooth and comfortable process."

"This film began in a collaborative creative spirit. Grace had fiercely controlled her public image, but made the bold decision to un-mask," Fiennes said to The Independent. "She never sought to control my shooting process, and I didn't second-guess the narrative of the film as I was shooting. I just gathered evidence.

Jones released her memoir, titled I'll Never Write My Memoirs, last year. The film reportedly will show never-before-scene footage of the singer performing "Slave to the Rhythm," "Pull Up to the Bumper" (which soundtracks the trailer), and "Williams' Blood" among others.

Check out the clip below:

[h/t Dazed]