Meet Your New Pop Princess: GHITA

Meet Your New Pop Princess: GHITA

Living and breathing pop culture is perpetually searching for a new queen to stan, so we've done the leg work for you: GHITA is the gal to get behind.

The Morroccan-born artist (Casablanca, specifically, which only ups her allure), Spain and Switzerland-raised artist made headlines as one to watch when she was handpicked to open for Maroon 5 abroad. She's now back with a new visual for "Brand New," her latest single and a follow-up to international hit "HATEULOVEU," to confront heartbreak head-on and find her zen.

"Relationships can be hard at 23 and I'm not scared to talk about it, I've been in very embarrassing situations but I like to vulnerable, I think vulnerable people are the strongest," GHITA tells PAPER of "Brand New." Writing this track helped me process the feelings of a breakup – I wrote it to maturely vocalize what I was feeling at the time without having a 'fuck you' track."

Check it out below.

Photography by Ryan Hutchins