Gavin Turek Is Her Own 'HERO'

Gavin Turek Is Her Own 'HERO'

by Alexa Fisher

LA-based funk diva Gavin Turek shows us we are all our own saving graces in her latest video for "HERO."

Dressed as a golden galactic goddess, Turek grapples with her alter ego, aptly named "Madame Gold," throughout the video. Turek found inspiration from one of her favorite visual artists, Renee Cox, who powerfully portrays herself as a superhero in her portrait series, Raje (1998).

"This magical exchange between a world of art and its viewer is what we aim to capture in the music film. Art has the power to reflect back on to us what we need to see and feel... whether that strengthens us or confronts us. Ultimately we reveal that I was really just seeing another version of myself."

Madame Gold radiates in every aspect of the video — from her sound to her soul. We follow along as the character battles through her own version of a glamorous, yet chaotic hero's journey to ultimately find "that moment of magic, vulnerability, reflection, love and loss." Towards the end of the nearly 5-minute track, Turek resolves that "the fighter in me emerged from this rough period personally and in the world."

Though sonically packaged with a glimmering, upbeat tune, "HERO" carries a dark message, warning of "the weight of a victim mentality" and Turek's video was created to inspire people, more specifically women, who "feel lost and out of touch with their personal strength." Armed with superhuman combat moves and a golden jumpsuit, Turek shows it's possible to "become our own heroes and save ourselves instead of waiting for someone else."

Along with Turerk herself, "HERO" was co-directed and written by Josh Sondock and produced by Chris Hartz. The final song on Turek's dauntless album, "HERO" is the musician's "most important track" because she "started the album as a victim and finished it as a hero."

Watch Turek save herself in PAPER's premiere of "HERO," below, and stream her debut album, Madame Gold, here.

Photos courtesy of Shore Fire Media