Frankie Sharp Accuses The Q Club of Discrimination

Frankie Sharp Accuses The Q Club of Discrimination

NYC nightlife promoter Frankie Sharp is suing his former partners at The Q.

According to court documents obtained by Instinct Magazine, Sharp is accusing Bob Fluet, Alan Pikus and Bar Fluid LLC for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, unjust enrichment and accounting. His claims are related to allegations involving his employment at the queer club, during which time he was allegedly used for "ownership of my intellectual properties, my credibility, access to my celebrity investors and entry into my social network," per a statement posted to Sharp's Instagram.

"Once the club was a proven financial success, and the partners believed they had taken what they wanted from me, their behavior swiftly darkened," Sharp continued, adding that he was "frightened, diminished, silenced, and intimidated" by Fluet and Pikus.

What Sharp was most "disgusted" by though were the "circumstances around my club," including Pikus allegedly telling security to stop checking IDs and allow drugs into The Q. Additionally, Sharp accused Pikus of discrimination related to racist and anti-trans hiring practices and rhetoric encompassing alleged statements such as "don't alienate the white boys" and I don’t need to break my back to hire people just because they’re black and trans."

"What I always feared most was that those things which I could tangibly prove were only the tip of the proverbial iceberg," Sharp went on to say. "An incoming wave of harrowing anecdotes and new evidence from friends and allies throughout the city is vindicating that sad suspicion, but I cannot speak to those here. Not yet."

In response to the lawsuit, Fluet told Instinct that “There are a lot of false allegations that are being made and I didn’t know where from until I found out where from. I obviously did all of my leg work to make sure that nothing is real, which it wasn’t."

Read Sharp's entire statement below. You can see his entire claim via Instincthere.

Photo via Getty / Chance Yeh