Frank Ocean Brings Back Blonded Radio

Frank Ocean Brings Back Blonded Radio

Frank Ocean has returned with a new episode of his beloved Beats One radio show, Blonded. Called Midterms Pt. 1, show hosts spoke throughout the episode about voting, government, free speech and fascism. Ocean referred to Republicans' tendency to "deal more in fantasies," citing conspiracy theories like PizzaGate, and also spoke on voter suppression and gerrymandering.

"We're against gerrymandering," Ocean said. "We're against voter ID laws. We're against voter suppression." He also noted the "anti-intellectual" movement driving such thinking, or lack thereof. Speaking to evangelical voters, he said, "If Jesus didn't say it, don't read that shit," he said.

After playing a selection that included Valee, The Carters, Retro X, Jadakiss, La Goony Chonga, Arthur, and Playboi Carti (with whom Ocean reportedly recently collaborated with), the episode concluded with the Honeydrippers' 1973 song "Impeach the President."

Ocean also announced he's giving fans who voted in select cities free merch. See the Tumblr flyer below for more info, and catch the episode here.

Photo via BFA