For the First Time, Louis Vuitton Had a Black Model Open Their Show

For the First Time, Louis Vuitton Had a Black Model Open Their Show

Yesterday was the final day of Paris Fashion Week, which marks the end of Fashion Month. It was also the Louis Vuitton show, a luxury fashion house that seems to be very much shimmying with the times (@Supreme) and putting a newfound commitment to diversity on full display — opening their show with a black woman for the first time in their 163-year history.

Janaye Furman was the model to mark the brand's shift, a college drama student who, despite the rampant nepotism in the industry, has emerged as the true belle of this season's ball. She took to Instagram to share her gratitude for Louis Vuitton.

"What a blessing!!" Furman wrote after the show. "Thank you God and everyone for all of the amazing support! I'm so glad more women of color are rocking the runways. It's so important that we stand up for ourselves and make a difference in this world. I'm so happy I was able to tell this beautiful story."

Our call-out culture, mostly facilitated by social media, has meant fashion and entertainment are moving towards inclusivity en masse. While this is, of course, hugely exciting, our job is far from over. We must keep pushing to the point that Louis Vuitton's move goes completely unacknowledged, because a black model opening for an established brand should be nothing extraordinary.

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