flowerovlove Picks 10 Songs She Really Loves

flowerovlove Picks 10 Songs She Really Loves

For her first release of the year, 16-year-old flowerovlove (real name: Joyce Cisse) is doubling down on the spirit of her stage name. A "flower of love" — something that sounds light and airy, like an unexpected gift — reflects the energy throughout "I Love This Song," her new single that finds a warm, lo-fi cushion between bedroom-pop and slack-rock.

"Dance around in my room because I love this song," she sings on its chorus, carefree and casual, continuing with lyrics that celebrate feeling the sunshine and forgetting about time. Wouldn't that be nice?

"’I Love This Song’ was created and birthed in a tiny studio in Notting Hill," Cisse tells PAPER. "This song is genuinely about my love for good vibes in life and living in music. I love this song that I’m making right now as I’m making it. This song’s only purpose is to make you wanna dance around in your room.”

Just last year, the South Londoner released her debut EP, Think Flower, and followed that up with two chilled-out singles, "Malibu" and "Saturday Yawning." Cisse's dreamy approach to music-making, with an emphasis on nature and sustainability, has made her a favorite of fashion brands, having walked at Paris Fashion Week and modeled for Gucci.

Below, flowerovlove talks through 10 songs she really loves, including her latest, "I Love This Song," in the mix.

Tame Impala — "Be Above It"

Great way to start the day listening to this song. I take it in with my affirmations.

Jaden — "Santa Barbara"

Mellow, vibey song that just relaxes me and makes me feel nostalgic. I can listen to it when I feel any emotion.

Flowerovlove — "I Love This Song"

This song is just great and very easily listenable to any age group or any mood you’re in, and it's super catchy.

SZA — "Normal Girl"

I love SZA’s vocals and tone in every song she does, but this one... oof, it just really hits different.

John Mayer — "New Light"

Just the lyrics and melody of this song, again very affirmative and brings good energy of new beginnings.

Strawberry Milk Cult — "Mustard"

This song makes me feel like crying in a good way.

Mrs Magic — "Strawberry Guy"

This song I will listen to every single day.

Don Toliver — "No Idea"

It's just a banger, really.

Glenn Jones — "All For You"

This is my jam, so groovy.

Joni Mitchell — "Big Yellow Taxi"

I love everything about this song and the little laugh at the end brings me so much joy.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Eve Russell