Have you been on Tinder recently only to feel soul-crushing despair? Are you sick of being disappointed when a promising match messages you "girl, what that mouth do?" Do you get bored of swiping through torsos mindlessly? Then this one company British company has the answer for you!

London's Fantastic Services, a cleaning/handyman-type company, is now offering to do more chores for you – swipe 500-5000 Tinder profiles and vet matches to find you the love of your life in time for Valentine's Day.

Fantastic Services will spend an hour with you to discover your preferences (of course you have a type, silly!) then swipe for however long you paid for. Essentially, they'll save you all the heavy lifting/threesome offers so you get to do the fun part (dating until you're emotionally invested only to realize you both want different things and they're not who you thought they were so your relationship slowly sours and suddenly you're single and on Tinder again!)!

Then again, if you're that invested finding the one on Tinder, you could always just pay your freelance photographer friend with the ASOS addiction and weekend coke habit to do the same thing for you. Happy Valentine's!

[h/t Cosmopolitan]
Image is real Tinder profile god help us all

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Story by Trish Bendix / Photography by Lia Clay Miller