'Fantastic' for ALEXACHUNG is Exactly What It's Named

'Fantastic' for ALEXACHUNG is Exactly What It's Named

By Fei Lu

A young man walks through an empty beach, only to be transported to a working man's club with a distinctly '70s British aesthetic. Inside, he's greeted by partygoers having the time of their life, dressed to the nines in the new "Fantastic" collection from ALEXACHUNG. The brainchild of director Jesse Jenkins and creative director ALEXACHUNG, the short film transports you into a world of '90s Brit-pop music, nostalgia for simpler times, and of course beautiful clothing.

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Graphic tees paired with traditional collared shirts, tailored jackets with denim boiler suits, and effortlessly elegant dresses — the entire collection breathes the essence of Chung's brand: experimental, playful, and always on the forefront of pop culture. With years of industry experience and an eye for what makes things "it," Chung's newest collection brings exactly what contemporary fashions scene needs: A breath of fresh, cool air.

With all design happening in-house in London headquarters, you can trust that all the pieces will be a direct reflection of the ALEXACHUNG vision.

Launched in January 2018, the eponymous line doesn't follow the traditional fashion system, releasing four times a year at the turn of every new season. Seems so obvious, but people actually want to be dressed appropriately for the weather! (Take a hint fast fashion). The collection doesn't just serve as a regular fashion launch — it extends Chung's vision for empowerment to all, regardless of where one is at in life.

"I think I'm always intrigued by that stage of youth where you're caught in between teenaged and adulthood." Says Chung. Growing up in Privet, Hampshire, Chung was a star student who eventually launched a modeling career that would turn a model-student into an international icon. Working with brands like Vivienne Westwood and Superga, it's easy to recognize the classically British influence seep into Fantastic.

Check out behind-the-scenes pictures from Jenkins' film for ALEXACHUNG.

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