Eva Tolkin Takes Center Stage With 'Is It Love'

Eva Tolkin Takes Center Stage With 'Is It Love'

Eva Tolkin is stealing the spotlight with her new single "Is It Love."

After years of lending her vocals and touring with likes of Solange, Charli XCX and Blood Orange, the New York City-based singer, songwriter and producer is now focusing on her own work. And if "Is It Love" is any indication, she definitely has a bright future as a solo artist.

Though her new work will be a more intimate affair, glimmers of past bops like "Honeycomb" and "Touch Me" can still definitely be heard in "Is It Love." However, what you'll probably relate the most to is the song's central question: "Is it love or is it lust?"

A near-perfect pop song that would give Carly Rae Jepsen a run for her money, Tolkin takes a more sardonic twist with cheeky (and all too relatable) lyrics like "Are you the man of my dreams or just very tall?" After all, who hasn't stayed up all night at some point to wonder whether the fairy tale's real or if you're just a "little obsessive at making bad decisions"?

Listen to "Is It Love" for yourself, below.

Photography: Ted Belton/ Courtesy of Eva Tolkin