Ellen DeGeneres Once Gave The Trumps a Gold Chandelier Stroller

Ellen DeGeneres Once Gave The Trumps a Gold Chandelier Stroller

Ellen DeGeneres' defense of her friendship with prominent war criminal and homophobe George W. Bush raised the internet's eyebrows and launched a vibrant portfolio of memes about class solidarity. Funny how rich people seem to find it remarkably easy to put their political differences aside, and enjoy champagne in a VIP football stadium box together.

This news that The Cut dug up from an old Peoplephoto gallery titled "Baby Trump at Home," sounds like it could be one of those memes. And yet, it's verified that DeGeneres, in 2006, gifted her millionaire compatriots, President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump, a literal gold baby carriage equipped with a hanging mini-chandelier for their son Barron. Essentially, the gift is a tiny golden mansion on wheels, to prepare the infant for a life spent in golden mansions.

I cannot include People's cursed photo of Melania in a lacy, virginal spaghetti strap dress, posing with Ellen's nightmarish gift in their gold-floored and walled Manhattan apartment, but I insist you click here to see it.

It's accompanied by this caption:

"In the Trumps' $100 million triplex penthouse, gifts from friends — including a golden stroller complete with its own chandelier (courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres) and gazillions of onesies — greeted Barron's arrival. "It's fun," says Melania of the stroller. "It makes you laugh."

To be fair to Ellen, plenty of famous folks hung out with the Trumps before they lived in the White House. But really, Ellen? A golden baby carriage...

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