Ella Rosa Holds 'Nothing Sacred'

Ella Rosa Holds 'Nothing Sacred'

New York by way of Britain singer Ella Rosa grew up studying opera with a musical diet that included the likes of Erykah Badu, The Police, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and more. By the age of 16, Rosa was writing and releasing her own music, garnering the support of industry heavyweights and getting playlisted on Spotify.

Now, Rosa is back with her latest single, "Nothing Sacred" — a laidback, jazzy tune that sees Rosa flexing her smoky soulful vocals as she mines the endless well of heartbreak and ill-fated relationships. "This song was written at a point where I felt very hard done by a relationship that just ended," Rosa says. "I felt like I had given a lot to someone who was sitting on the surface and it scared me to think that I didn't pick up on those red flags. I think it's always scary after a really long relationship to pick up on the things that you didn't notice when you guys were together."

The single arrives alongside a new music video that shows Rosa embracing vintage Hollywood glam. Sporting big bouffant hair and a red corset, Rosa gives us some old school Playboy mansion vibes, as she fans herself by the pool, rolls around in a bed and wanders about a neatly manicured garden.

"This music video was probably the most empowering set I've been on as it consisted of only creatively charged women," Rosa continues. "The director, Ariel Michelle, and I decided that we wanted more of a visually driven video with pretty aesthetics instead of a narrative video. With that in mind, we wanted the styling to be very dramatic and nearly over the top, which was perfectly mastered by Eve Van Scott who made the red corset, and Ana Estela who made the iconic wig. Lastly we had Maddie Leach on the Super 8, who caught the perfect lighting and moments — such fun."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Nothing Sacred" by Ella Rosa and stream her single, below.

Photo courtesy of Ella Rosa