Eddie Benjamin Leaves It All Behind in 'Running Away From Home'

Eddie Benjamin Leaves It All Behind in 'Running Away From Home'

At the age of 19, Eddie Benjamin has already managed to impress industry heavy-hitters like Sia and Justin Bieber. But after going viral for his covers of popular songs and writing songs for other artists, he's now fully coming into his own as proven by hits like "Running Away From Home."

Originally released late last year, "Running Away From Home" is the first of Eddie's songs to receive a real music video, and needless to say, it doesn't disappoint.

Directed by Audrey Ellis Fox, the dreamy video sees Eddie, filmed through a fish-eye lens, in the backseat of a black car, before he's transported through the sky and into outer space. And this literal out-of-this-world visual pairs incredibly well with the track, which can only be described as a perfect pop song, infused with a touch of funk courtesy of Eddie's expert bass playing.

"The 'Running Away From Home' video represents a time of personal exploration," Eddie says. "It captures the experience of watching your soulmate go through something really difficult and wanting to run away and leave it all behind. I wrote this song through the perspective of that character. The visuals in the video portray the characters psychedelic world in which I'm able to find beauty, color and explore a dreamy universe."

So get ready to leave it all behind by watching the PAPER premiere of "Running Away From Home," above, and stream it, below.

Photography: Demarquis McDaniels