Eartheater Stars in LEYA's 'Must Have Been Good' Fashion Film

Eartheater Stars in LEYA's 'Must Have Been Good' Fashion Film

by Camille Bavera

After their score for the queer porn-adjacent, I Love You, created a new niche in the world of Pornhub, LEYA is once again unveiling a collaboration that stretches the possibilities of soundtracks. The duo’s latest release, featuring singer Eartheater, is a dark and mysterious music video inspired by glossy fashion commercials to accompany their dream-like song, “Must Have Been Good,” off Eyeline.

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Directed by Eartheater, the film gives David Lynch in Brooklyn opulence, as an all-seeing, orange-lined eye appears between scene transitions to bring viewers into the scrutiny of her mind. "Beware the love that is spoken, but not unseen,” Eartheater says of the film. “Beware the lover who is watching, but always speaking. In its end there will be love, but also heat and smoke where once there was none."

The video opens on a metallic Lamborghini driving down a deserted bridge, as soft and breathy vocals play over top. Then, a shift to a ’60s-decorated room where a dolled-up girl stares blankly at her phone. There’s a calmness to Eartheater’s chaotic car shots, as she sends her Bottega bag flying into the backseat, all in slow motion. A harp melody picks up speed and finally drops a beat as sugar spills onto a fire red pedicure.

Both Eartheater and LEYA are coming off last month’s Market Hotel show, with the latter soon embarking on a national tour alongside HTRK and Tempers for various legs. Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz, the musicians behind LEYA, have a history of working with Eartheater, beginning with their collective Angel Lust EP in 2019 and now with their third album, Eyeline, released by NNA Tapes. This is the duo’s third album with NNA, which are released every two years, beginning with The Fool (2018) and followed by Flood Dreams (2020).

EARTHEATER (Photography: Artem Nadyozhin)

Eyeline features the work of actress Julie Byrne, Claire Rousay and Okay Kaya, to name a few. LEYA says Eartheater “is the collaborator with whom we've worked the most over the years. ‘Must Have Been Good’ picks up the breadcrumb trail; we speak again to a subject split between the present and the past, and we revel in a transcendence that bears both the colors of triumph and pain. There is an inevitability to flying if we can just remember why we are here."

So far, their long trail of breadcrumbs includes the soundtrack to Brooke Candy’s erotic, Matthew Barney-inspired Pornhub film, I Love You, back in 2018, in which they also acted. Other collaborative, shorter-length releases include their 2020 single, “Antigone,” with black metal band Liturgy, and "barrier to love" by Deli Girls on their album, BOSS, that same year.

LEYA (Photography: Jessica Hallock)

Stream Eyeline by LEYA, below.

Photography: Artem Nadyozhin