Eartheater's Futuristic Electro-Pop Embraces the Unknown

Eartheater's Futuristic Electro-Pop Embraces the Unknown

Queens-based artist Alexandra Drewchin makes baroque, abstract electro-pop music as Eartheater. Her voice is high-pitched and expansive, cascading over jittery drum kits and strings. She mixes the earthy grittiness and spirituality of folk music with alien, futuristic sounds and textures to create music that feels completely novel. Drewchin is currently composing for Alarm Will Sound, a chamber orchestra, and playing her live shows with harpist Marilu Donivan.

In her new video for "Inclined," she dramatically rides a horse across a beach. The singer wears a sleek black leather outfit accessorized with a sheer white tulle scarf in her hair and makes intense, meaningful eye contact with the camera. The video feels like a dream, comprised of familiar imagery, but also abstract and fleeting. There's no telling where Drewchin will go next.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Inclined," below:

Photo Courtesy of Samantha West