8 Diverse Models Bring High Fashion to Real Life

8 Diverse Models Bring High Fashion to Real Life

High fashion is beautiful, but how do you make it accessible, even wearable, for life off the runway? Photographer Fidel Garcia-Reichman cast a group of eight people diverse in age, size, sex and ethnicity all dressed up in high fashion looks, customized for the individual. Styling that's vibrant and lively, not to mention gender fluid, brought together avant-garde shapes with elements of streetwear to reflect the high-low sensibility of today.

The shoot is "high fashion slipped into real life, rather than people changing themselves to fit a prescriptive vision of beauty," Garcia-Reichman said. "Joyful. Colorful. Rebellious."

He added, "For the casting it was very important to me that the portraits would be diverse. The youngest model is 15, the oldest is in her late 70s-early 80s. We cast a mix of models and real people. I wanted to show many different versions of beauty — from Carol's elegant face, to Ariel's pregnant belly, to Damien's crooked teeth. The parts that we are always told to hide, or change. I love imperfections, unique faces, interesting people with their own story and personality to share."

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Photography: Fidel Garcia-Reichman

Art Direction: Katy Smail (Kate Ryan Inc.)

Styling: Shandi Alexander (The Brooks Agency)

Make up: Lindsey Williams (Kate Ryan Inc using Danessa Myricks Beauty)

Hair: JoJo Torres

Special thanks: Albright Inc.