Did The Chainsmokers Just Rip Off Vetements?

Did The Chainsmokers Just Rip Off Vetements?


The Chainsmokers, a frat EDM duo thingy providing the unofficial soundtrack to your Uber rides and Victoria's Secret dressing room experiences, have just unveiled their brand new tour merch on Twitter. We all know that since the Pablo tour, it's not enough to just put your stupid name and face on a T-shirt and call it a day. No, if your tour shirt can't double as bonafide streetwear or be worn ironically by off-duty models or merit some kind of pop-up experience, you're essentially screaming into the void. So how is a beer-burp-come-to-life like The Chainsmokers gonna rake in all that sweet sweet hype? Maybe by creating a loving, albeit uncredited homage to Vetements, everybody's favorite anti-fashion-fashion-anti-brand?

Let's let the evidence speak for itself...

Chainsmokers merch:


Hmmmmm.... maybe it's just a coincidence?

Splash image via Twitter

[h/t Teen Vogue]