Demi Lovato Holds a Funeral for Their Pop Music

Demi Lovato Holds a Funeral for Their Pop Music

Say goodbye to the old Demi Lovato.

On Thursday night, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer posted a photo of studio session where a group of people, including manager Scooter Braun, can be seen dressed in all black while Lovato flips the bird at the camera.

"A funeral for my pop music," they wrote in the caption, before also tagging their label, Island Records and later teasing their new punk rock sound in an Instagram Story.

"Yeah you're pushing me to the edge. Prod me, lie to me, ungodly things have been sent," Lovato can be heard singing over a grungy guitar line. "Here are your tickets to the freak show baby, sci-fi, watch the freak go crazy."

Granted, this sonic switch-up isn't completely unexpected given the star has a deep love of rock music, attending several Emo Nites and more recently debuting an edgy, punk-inspired look that includes an industry piercing and a spider tattoo on the side of their head.

Three cheers to Lovato's new sound! Check out their post below.

Photo via Getty / Handout / Biden Inaugural Committee