Guess Which Indie Rock God Walked for Gucci?

Guess Which Indie Rock God Walked for Gucci?

Back in the day, indie rock and luxury fashion existed in sovereign cultural universes. Hipsters, as people who wore high-waisted pants were once called, would have spit on a Gucci handbag, to prove their preference for idiosyncratic, thrifted goods. Simpler times!

Given how traditional notions of "indie" and "mainstream" have become gibberish under late capitalism (as well as "high-brow" and "low-brow," after the Camp themed Met Gala), it's actually not that surprising that the latest indie rock muse for a major fashion brand is art-garage rockers Deerhunter's Bradford Cox.

The Atlanta, Georgia-born indie idol rocked in a forest green peacoat, a fringed gold collar necklace and yellow sunglasses, carrying a printed shoulder bag, at the Gucci Cruise 2020. Tall and pasty (a characteristic indie rockers and high fashion models historically share), Cox fit right in on the runway at the Capitoline Museum in Rome, strutting in front of Elton John, Zoe Saldana, A$AP Rocky, Salma Hayek and Harry Styles.

Wow! He's come a long way from DIY shows and beefing with Billy Corrigan. Sadly, Cox was not invited up on stage to help Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles with their performance of "Landslide" at the after party.

Just wait for fashion month 2019. If Cox is walking with Gucci, I want to see Mitski in Moschino and Snail Mail in Chanel.

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