Dear BLACKPINK, I Really 'Like That'

Dear BLACKPINK, I Really 'Like That'

Blinks, BLACKPINK is officially back in our area with "How You Like That," and it's never felt this good. The world renowned K-pop girl group's comeback single and video are extravagant statements that, through it all, BLACKPINK was always going to own 2020.

After being teased for weeks now with mini trailers, clips of the girls striking poses and promotional posters, fans of the group were finally treated to the release of "How You Like That," BLACKPINK's first single of 2020. Although Blinks had already gotten a taste of what was in store for them on "Sour Candy," the BLACKPINK-assisted track on Lady Gaga's Chromatica, nothing could have prepared them for the sprawling sets and fierce choreography of "How You Like That."

Starting off rather downtempo, the new track is a total tease throughout. Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé take center stage to give listeners a rollercoaster ride of a listening experience, with an ebb and flow of emotion from start to finish. While it might start out slow and careful, from the first beat drop it becomes obvious that, at its core, "How You Like That" is a cocky dance anthem. Lisa's verse takes the ego within the song one step further, referencing a plain jane watch and demanding of listeners, "tell me how you like that."

The highlight of the new song, however, comes during its bridge: "Look up in the sky/ It's a bird, it's a plane," the girls sing before launching back into a revved-up version of the original beat drop, shuffling towards the camera in-sync before exploding into a flurry of precise handwork and the final chorus. Watching it onscreen, one can only get excited for all the new music surely to come later this year — and the eventual prospect of seeing the girls perform "How You Like That" live, post-coronavirus. A Blink can dream, can't I?



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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Devin Kasparian