Tales of New York City Told From American Greats

Tales of New York City Told From American Greats

New York has always been a source of inspiration for the fashion industry, but not quite to the degree as it has in the past 12 months. Having endured the some of the worst of the pandemic's effects, the city has seen tributes pour in from virtually all of New York's designers in their collections.

Jewelry brand David Yurman is no exception — after all, it was founded in New York over 30 years ago by its sculptor namesake and his painter and ceramicist wife Sybil. To celebrate the city it calls home, the company enlisted various American greats from different fields to share personal stories of what New York means to them.

The "My New York" social campaign sees names like actresses Zosia Mamet and Laura Harrier, athletes Victor Cruz and Nathan Chen, designer Norma Kamali, Wall Group founder Brooke Wall, Broadway actors Ali Stroker and Miguel Cervantes and ballet dancer Mimi Staker all share anecdotes of their relationship with NYC.

"I have lived here now for over a decade and there are still things that I find myself discovering about the city that I wasn't aware of before," said Mamet. ""It's so magnetic and attracts people from all over the world who spend their lives dreaming about living in New York—I was one of them," shared Harrier.

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Photo courtesy of David Yurman