DAMOYEE Dumps Her Best Friend in Debut Single 'Little Liar'

DAMOYEE Dumps Her Best Friend in Debut Single 'Little Liar'

Feeding each other small bites of cut fruit, sifting through old records, sipping smoothies and snapping selfies — the first ten seconds of DAMOYEE’s “little liar” music video flashes an entire relationship in quickly cut, grainy snapshots. “When a relationship starts as friends and it doesn't work out, you end up losing a friend,” DAMOYEE says of the song.

The 22-year-old Dallas native premieres her devastating debut single today, “little liar,” a synth-pop and ethereal R&B earworm. Luminous, airy vocals accompany a visceral montage of a budding relationship and the subsequent soul-crushing dissolution of a friendship. The music video, co-directed by T. James and DAMOYEE, brutally underscores the tragic vacillation of love and loss.

“Ideally, it’s great to be best friends with someone you love,” DAMOYEE shares. Ultimately, for her, like many of her young fans, the friend-turned-lover relationship “was a hugely painful experience that [she] deeply regrets.”

When DAMOYEE, a soon-to-be Berklee College of Music graduate, isn’t breaking up with her best friends, she spends her time producing music in her dorm room and working on her TikTok, which has already amassed 200k followers. Her soulful dedication to video production earned her a coveted spot in TikTok’s Black Creatives program.

Check out the PAPER premiere of the music video for DAMOYEE’s debut single “little liar” below.

Photo by Will Rowan