daine Opens Up About Performing With a Disability

daine Opens Up About Performing With a Disability

Pop artist daine is opening up about health conditions that they live with in light of comments about their performance ability.

In a tweet over the weekend, the "boythots" singer acknowledged the comments, noting, "As I have started playing more shows, my performance style has received curiosity as to why I stumble, have heavy backing track, struggle to breathe and stand, have a visible tremor in both hands, as well as laying, crawling on the stage."

As the Melbourne-based singer explained, they suffer from Ehler's Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which are both closely linked to autism. The former is an inherited condition that affects connective tissue, while the latter affects blood flow and blood pressure.

With both conditions simultaneously, the Charli XCX-mentored artist says, they're "prone to fainting" and "dizziness." While they take vasoconstricting medications, daine reveals that the conditions have worsened over the last two years, leaving them with trouble breathing and walking, as well as chronic pain.

"I have a lot of exercise limitation due to reduced respiratory muscle function, arthritis in most of my joints, and chronic nerve pain," the artist says. "Having my studio vocals turned up in the backing track during my performances allows me to take breaks to breathe, or have a moment if I'm in a lot of pain, while delivering the whole song and giving the crowd the fullest experience possible."

Despite their disability, daine says they're grateful to be able to perform. By opening up and becoming vulnerable, they say, "I hope this starts a conversation about disability in the music industry and potentially helps someone feel less alone in their experience — and less weak, as I struggle with the internalized rhetoric of feeling 'weak' for being sick."

Photo courtesy of Hannah Diamond