Premiere: Cacia Zoo Stars in New Video for Daddy's "I Am All These Things" City of the Jaguar Remix

Premiere: Cacia Zoo Stars in New Video for Daddy's "I Am All These Things" City of the Jaguar Remix

Though James Franco has been busy promoting his new movie Disaster Artist, his band, Daddy, is still making moves. Franco and his bandmate - frequent collaborator and multi-hyphenate artist Tim O'Keefe - released Daddy's Smiths-inspired debut album, Let Me Get What I Want, in January of last year, and a version of remixes came out earlier this month.

City of the Jaguar gave opening track "I Am All These Things" the remix treatment for the album, and now there are visuals to accompany the nostalgic track. Artist Cacia Zoo - who is from Taiwan but based in NYC - stars in the new visuals, and says the opportunity to work on the song was simply fate.

"The way the video happened was very kismet," Zoo said. "I first just wanted to make a performance piece exploring the idea of falling in love the first time and losing your virginity -- white dress and red wine to me are symbolic in visual interpretation."

She added, "When Tim asked me if I were to make a video from the remix album, I heard the song and voila -- I just saw the video! The high school melancholic vibe -- falling into a wonderwall of imagining sweetness of first love and being unafraid of consequences! The video literally just fit into the beat of the song right from the beginning besides re-editing and adding a little more color correction and layer mask! Kismet really!"

Laughing, she concluded, "I can't explain it fully. Words fail me."

A visual component has always been part of Daddy's vision; when they released their debut album last year, they also created a 50-minute film to accompany the project. "Our project has always been about the videos as much as the music," Franco told Dazed at the time. "We had a story that spanned an album, and an extended video/movie went with this."

Check out the video below: