CupcakKe's Remix of 'Old Town Road' Slaps

CupcakKe's Remix of 'Old Town Road' Slaps

In line to become the next "Thotiana," "Old Town Road" is a yeehaw canvas and everyone is a painter. Following Billy Ray Cyrus, the latest artist to splash their vision on the enigmatic country-trap bop is the formidable sex poet CupcakKe, who has renamed the No. 1 single after herself, "Old Town Hoe."

Even for CupcakKe, "Old Town Hoe" is an impressively nasty and and quotable bop. She really took the "Gonna ride till I can't no more" line to new extremes. Straight off the bat, the story is about a quest for sexual gratification, rather than wholesome equestrian travel: "I"m gonna take your dick and put it in my hole. I'm gonna ride till I can't no more."

At first, CupcakKe keeps Lil Nas X's wild west imagery in tact with lines like "Look like a horse show from the back, yeah" and "I forgot to shave/ So this pussy look like hay." But after that, it's 100% derived from the glory of CupcakKe's imagination. She raps about sucking dick till she "can't no more" and a dude who's "suckin even when he cummin'/ All fingers in me like a puppet," with jarring country annunciation, to Lil Nas X's twanging beat. Nicki's Coachella struggles, Creed, basketball player Derrick Rose's knee injuries and Rico Nasty (who CupcakKe is over compared to) get shout-outs. Don't worry tho, Rico loves it.

Other highlights include "When he finger me he gotta wear an oven mitt" and "I'm tryina suck your dick till my jaws get swole/ I'm tryina ride like Rosa Park on the road."

Give "Old Town Hoe" a spin. Who's next?

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