Welcome to 'Creep,' Sevyn's 'Sick Fantasy'

Welcome to 'Creep,' Sevyn's 'Sick Fantasy'

LA night-crawlers, you better get ready to "Creep."

On Saturday, August 20, LA nightlife staple, Sevyn, is collaborating with Canary Test for the six-hour, one-act performance piece called "'Creep' My Sick Fantasy," focused on the complex intersection of sex, sound and visual art. An artwork spurred by the emotional loss of Sevyn's mother, a gathering that the boundaries of technology, loss, emptiness, the physical body and ego death, amid live DJ sets and musical acts from the likes of Avalon Lurks, Izzy Spears and Eva Myra May.

"Undergoing drastic changes, their trauma leads them to substance abuse, sexual benders and a new awakening of love. In this short performance, viewers will experience experimental techno, intense imagery and valuable lecture," as Sevyn added. "'My mind finally goes to sleep. But my heart will never know rest.'"

But while "Creep" is technically a fundraiser for Sevyn's facial feminization surgery in October, the artist doesn't want that be the entire focus. Rather, they want to use this piece to emphasize the personal strides they've achieved so far since moving to LA with a dream three years ago, whether it's about their transition, their rise in LA nightlife and the simultaneous rise of their equally talented friends.

"I don't really want to use the rhetoric of 'I'm a trans musician,'" they said, before explaining that they've "want people to look at me and say that's a really good musician, who is also a woman."

"I deserve to walk in a space and be treated as such. This show and the work that has gone into it has reminded me of that," as Sevyn said. "This show is a party, but it's a special party,"

"'Creep': My Sick Fantasy" takes place in Downtown LA on Saturday, August 20 from 8 PM to 2 AM. Tickets are on sale for $30 via Resident Advisor.

Photography: Jaden Walker
Creative direction: Sevyn
Styling: Haley Lawrence