Colleges Are Canceling Spring Break

Colleges Are Canceling Spring Break

Looks like the usually huge crowds of college kids might not be flocking to Miami Beach this year. Spring break is now canceled because of the pandemic.

More and more colleges and universities are now revising their academic calendars to exclude the traditional student holiday. Some of the schools who are canceling spring break include Carnegie Mellon, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Purdue University, Ohio State University, University of Iowa, University of Michigan and more.

Schools are saying they want to lessen the risk of more COVID-19 outbreaks brought about by traveling students, which is what happened last spring. A recent study by Ball State University actually looked at 7 million U.S. college students and found that some spring breakers brought the disease back to their campuses this year.

But, of course, the absence of the mid-semester vacation also means an early end to the school year. And some schools are also adding "break days" to give students and faculty a little bit of a breather.

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