COS Opens Miami Art Basel With Bubbles & Booze

COS Opens Miami Art Basel With Bubbles & Booze

Last night COS and Studio Swine kicked off Design Miami and, unofficially, Art Basel Miami Beach, which begins later this week, with a party celebrating the second iteration of their New Spring series.

The series centers on an installation — held at Temple House in Miami Beach — comprised of whimsical white tubes in the shape of a willow tree that emit scent-filled bubbles that evaporate into mist upon skin contact. Guests of the party could try on a pair of fabric gloves that, when reacting to the bubbles, would prolong their shape and allow you to play around with the fragile orbs.

The installation also features a COS pop-up shop with pieces inspired by the installation and selected by the brand's creative director Karin Gustafsson. The Temple House additionally has an upstairs space with a small lap pool, at the center of which is a giant inflatable bubble inspired by the ones in the main installation. COS' installation remains on view through Sunday, December 10th and, in the meantime, take a look at photos from the opening party, below.

Temple House, 1415 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach

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Photos via Angela Pham/BFA