Cole Sprouse Encourages People to Vote in Return to Instagram

Cole Sprouse Encourages People to Vote in Return to Instagram

by Riley Runnells

After a month-long social media hiatus, Cole Sprouse has returned to Instagram and is asking fans to vote.

"Know I've been off social media for a while," the actor wrote in his black and white post of his trip to Tulum, Mexico. "Decided to take a much needed mental health break."

The Riverdale star went on to describe that he's never been much of an active social media user anyway, but even engaging in a minor way during quarantine was too taxing on his mental health.

Sprouse explained that knowing when to step away from social media is a skill that all younger performers should harness.

"Take your breaks," Sprouse continued. "Mental and physical health always come first."

But that's not his only message. Sprouse touched on the failings of the US throughout this pandemic, or what he describes as a "massive global trauma."

He encouraged his fans and everyone in the US to consider the medical health care system that's currently in place, and reminded them through an Instagram story of how to vote by mail, per a post from singer/songwriter, Maggie Rogers.

He finished the post by saying, "I'll be more active soon my sweet little babies."

Honestly, it's hard to blame Sprouse for taking a break from social media, as he's had a rough experience with it throughout quarantine.

First, around April, came his split with longtime girlfriend Lili Reinhart, which was followed by rumors that he was dating Kaia Gerber and had possibly cheated on Reinhart. In response, he took to social media to tell fans to "eat my delectable plump ass."

Then in June, Sprouse was arrested at a Santa Monica, California Black Lives Matter protest. He followed the incident with an Instagram post, saying "This is precisely the time to contemplate what it means to stand as an ally. I hope others in my position do as well."

Two days later, Sprouse and his Riverdale co-stars were hit with several sexual assault allegations. Sprouse shut down the rumors as false accusations, saying the incident was the "latest claim in a series of incidents seeking to baselessly cancel my cast mates and me."

Let's hope Sprouse's break helped his mental health, and reset his luck with social media as a whole.

Photo via Billy Farrell/BFA