Coco & Breezy Showcase the Art of the House Party in 'Just Say'

Coco & Breezy Showcase the Art of the House Party in 'Just Say'

Coco & Breezy embrace duality. The Black and Puerto Rican twins are building a DJ and eyewear empire at the same time. Since 2009, the pair has stepped out into the world as unstoppable forces to foster community in both music and fashion, and their new video for "Just Say" is a love letter to the people that made it possible.

The silky pulsating house jam features vocal contributions from U.K. singer Tara Carosielli. Her smooth runs and delicate croons paint a picture of elegance and luxury, perfect for throwing on to get ready for a night out or to fill the walls of a house party.

Shot in Brooklyn by director Christelle de Castro, the duo throws the sexiest, coolest house party ever with a wide cast of faces in the song's accompanying visual. The simple video emphasizes the core ethos of dance music: community. The fun and intimate video also pays homage to house music's roots in Black and Brown queer communities, built in basements and clubs designed as havens for individuality.

"Christelle is Breezy’s ex-girlfriend who is now our best friend," Coco & Breezy told PAPER. "We’ve all hustled together, and it was full circle that she offered to direct our music video. Christelle is one of the most influential directors/filmmakers in our generation. We trust her eye, and she knows us as much as we do — so during the process of this video, we let her take it in her hands and we just showed up and did the assignment. This cast & crew were a mix of Christelle’s community + our community. All of these people represent the community of how house music originally started."

de Castro further elaborates on her vision for the striking visual:

"Late 90’s, early 2000’s. Not too many frills, but it is also such a reflection of what our world looks like. It’s very diverse. It celebrates the spectrum of people. One of the things that make Coco and Breezy so unique in the dance space is that they are eclectic Black women. They never followed the norms; they’ve always done their own things. Everyone in this video is such an individual but so inclusive."

Below, watch the PAPER video premiere of "Just Say" by Coco & Breezy.

Photo courtesy of the artist