Britney Spears' Instagram Is Claudia Bitrán's Muse

Britney Spears' Instagram Is Claudia Bitrán's Muse

Britney Spears' Instagram has long been a point of fascination. From the Pinterest-esque inspirational quotes to the high angle selfies, there was a unique sort of chaotic energy that pervaded the pop star's account. Now that Spears' Instagram has been apparently deleted someone has to preserve this piece of the pop culture zeitgeist for posterity and thankfully artist Claudia Bitrán seems up to the challenge.

The Chilean-American artist's latest exhibition, Stereotypies, focuses on the consumption and dissemination of viral imagery, specifically honing in on how this violent system effects women and there's perhaps no better candidate to showcase than Britney Spears. From fan photos to paparazzi shots such as the Britney's now infamously iconic shaved head meltdown as well as her own Instagram posts, Bitrán captures these memetic images in series of paintings and animations as a way to foster empathy and reassess our often problematic relationship to public figures.

Adopting the stereotypy, an involuntary repetitive action found in human and animal behavior aggravated by stress, fatigue and anxiety, as a way to connect this system of mass consumption to how the media uses these disposable and often fleeting images to further their own narratives. By crystalizing these images in painting form, Bitrán further examines the feedback loop of pop culture and contemporary art for a digital age.

Claudia Bitrán's Stereotypies will be on view at Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York through April 16.

Photos courtesy of Cristin Tierney Gallery