Christian Cowan Gives Teletubbies a '90s Fashion Campaign Spin

Christian Cowan Gives Teletubbies a '90s Fashion Campaign Spin

It was late 2021 when Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby from the hit children's show, did a mini NYFW takeover of sorts, which included visiting Christian Cowan's studio and sitting front row at his show.

And now the designer is teaming up with the rest of the Teletubbies on a new collection featuring prints of all four of them that were inspired by high-fashion ads from the '90s (think those Versace campaigns from Richard Avedon).

“I grew up watching the Teletubbies, so being able to combine that nostalgia with my passion for fashion is a dream come true,” says Cowan, who's collaborated with everyone from Crocs to Doritos in recent years. He notes the characters’ "fun, playful personalities" match his own design aesthetic.

The capsule includes hoodies, t-shirts and denim as well as a pair of neon green knee-high boots that nod to Dipsy. It's the latest project for the media company WildBrain, which owns the Teletubbies and celebrated the show's 25th anniversary last year.

"I’m excited to launch this new collection to show the Teletubbies in a new light and celebrate them as the stars that they are," Cowan said. Check out the full collection in the gallery, below.

Photos courtesy of Christian Cowan