Chloe Cherry Made Merch for All the 'Perfect Angel Girls'

Chloe Cherry Made Merch for All the 'Perfect Angel Girls'

Photography by Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake

By now it should be pretty obvious that we're all obsessed with Chloe Cherry, with her incredible wardrobe and effortlessly funny sense of humor. Needless to say, we've been chomping at the bit for some CC merch for quite some time now, and it seems like theEuphoriastar has heard our prayers, because she's finally debuted a new graphic tee that's just as colorful and eccentric as she is.

Yes! You too can now show the entire world how much you love the lady behind everyone's favorite quippy heroin addict, Faye, by getting your very own extremely Y2K shirt, where Chloe herself is dead center.

Designed by @collagedrop_out, the shirt comes in black and white for the fitting price of $69.69. And while that may seem a little steep, it's well worth it, seeing as how it features several glamour shots of the star and has an extremely Lisa Frank, rainbow packed aesthetic. Not to mention a reference to her (excellent) Instagram handle "Perfect Angel Girl"

Photo by The Cobrasnake

However, you're going to have to act fast, because the website says that the shirts are "hyper-limited edition." And turns out, it's because all of them are "made in Los Angeles right in Chloe’s backyard." Oh, and they're "fair trade and crafted with labor ethics in mind," obviously.

Unfortunately though, we also have some bad news for Euphoria fans abroad, because she is only shipping to US customers "for now." But even if your do live somewhere else or miss out on grabbing a tee, there's no reason to be too sad, because we have a feeling that Chloe will be making some new merch very soon. So can we get one of those "Sex With You Sucks" shirts next?

Get your shirt via Chloe's online store and read our interview with her while you wait for it to ship.

Photography: Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake