Checking Up on The Veronicas

Checking Up on The Veronicas

The music being released today — from Olivia Rodrigo to Chloe Moriondo — is nostalgic for an era when The Veronicas were leading the emo scene with their playful brand of electro-leaning pop-punk. It's why 2007's "Untouched" still sounds relevant today — and without fail turns every party into a mosh pit — and why their first album in seven years, GODZILLA, arrives at the perfect time.

The first of two projects that represent The Veronicas' musical personalities, GODZILLA embodies their public alter egos, while its follow-up, Human, will spotlight more raw, vulnerable songwriting when it's released later this summer on July 2nd. This second effort also sees the twin sisters reunite with their collaborator Toby Bad, who helped pen the iconic lyrics of "Untouched."

"We all create without limitations," The Veronicas say of their songwriting partnership. "Throwing our deepest ideas at each other and following it to wherever it takes us. We focus heavily on the sonic layers of guitars and synth first. Toby allows us to melt genres together in a way we don't get to with anyone else. We all create without any preconceived notion of what we are going to walk away with."

Until Human arrives though, GODZILLA delivers on the rebellious angst of our bottled up, post-lockdown energy. Its title track is packed nearly to the point of explosion with The Veronicas' signature electric guitars searing, while "In It to Win It" asserts their staying power with a chanting bubblegum chorus that really sticks. Album closer and buzz single "Sugar Daddy" softens the extremes with a big, shiny chorus and the universal prompt: "Don't you wanna be in love?"

Below, PAPER checks up on The Veronicas to talk about texting exes and ordering delivery oysters — complete with some personal selfies from Lisa and Jess that capture this strange period of social isolation.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing is drinking water and sending blessings out to our mama.

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Sex and gratitude prayer.

Have you texted an ex yet in isolation?

They all texted first.

Who's the last person you hugged?

Each other.



What's your go-to delivery order?


What was the last concert you attended?

Tash Sultana.

Where is the first place you'll travel once the world opens up again?


What website do you visit the most?

Google webMD.



What's one thing you've learned this year that you didn't know this time last year?


How have you managed to stay creative in quarantine?

Staying curious in life keeps you creative no matter what your surroundings.

How has the state of the world impacted your music-making?

The convenience of alternative methods.

What is the role of a musician in 2021?

To be ironic.



Stream GODZILLA by The Veronicas, below.

Photos courtesy of The Veronicas