Masked IG Account 'Checking Invoices' Takes a Dip With the Latest It-Bag

Masked IG Account 'Checking Invoices' Takes a Dip With the Latest It-Bag

by Dylan Kelly

Checking Invoices, the "anonymous duo based nowhere," has been serving high-fashion incognito glam since they first came on the scene in 2016. Their seriously stylish feed features a face-obscured model wearing the latest runway looks as she goes about her everyday life — walking through revolving doors, riding in the back of a cab and lounging on the beach.

In one shot, the no-name style icon wears a head-to-toe green bodysuit under a floral Gucci robe on a hotel bed, surrounded by plucked roses while ironically wearing a skincare face mask. As always, the caption is subtle and unrevealing: "Beauty prep," and the fashion world loves it — their Instagram account now sits at over 72k followers.

The campy account was originally created by two Milan-based Greek women: one is a stylist who acts as the model and the other is a set designer and filmmaker who plays photographer. The duo first started taking their outlandish photographs when trying on different samples they had called in for shoots, and what started as a playful pastime quickly caught attention from the likes of Balenciaga and Gucci, before making it into fashion's mainstream.

The latest brand to call upon Checking Invoices' fashion services is Wandler — the Dutch accessories and shoes label led by Elza Wandler — to show off the brand's new Carly Mini handbag. In the short film, titled "Last Days of Summer," the anonymous model heads to the beach to soak up the last bit of sun in a red, snakeskin morphsuit.

The first shot pans across the beach to reveal the bag's signature silhouette suspended by a hand from underwater, before transitioning to shots of the masked model swimming with the bag over her shoulder.

In the final shots, the absurd-chic model clutches the handbag while sitting on a beach chair and kicking her boots in the water, before marching towards the camera — throwing the bag across her shoulder and back again, knee-deep in the sea.

Watch Checking Invoices' collaborative video with Wandler, below.

Photos courtesy of Wandler