Charli D'Amelio: Creeps Beg for OnlyFans After 18th Birthday

Charli D'Amelio: Creeps Beg for OnlyFans After 18th Birthday

The creeps have come out of the woodwork for Charli D'Amelio's 18th birthday.

On May 1, the TikTok superstar celebrated the milestone with family and friends at a luxurious Bahamian resort. However, a bunch of repulsive predators are ruining this special occasion by begging Charli to start an OnlyFans, despite still being a literal teenager.

Now that she's hit the minimum age requirement to post on the adult subscription site, there are a disturbing amount of men asking her to start posting on the adult subscription site, as revealed by a cursory search of her name on Twitter.

That said, a number of fans have come to Charli's defense on Twitter, commenting on "how alarming the search results are on this app for charli d'amelio, who JUST turned 18 literally two days ago" and how it was "gonna be a long gross day on this app."

Meanwhile, others were more direct with their criticism, issuing PSAs to remind people that if "you’re asking Charli Damelio to make an only fans since she just turned 18 you’re a predator." And, obviously, there were also plenty of tweets deriding these "sickos" and "creepy ass motherfuckers."

"grown ass men pressuring charli d’amelio to make an onlyfans acc on the day she turned 18 is so fucking gross and predatory," as one person wrote, while a second referenced the guys who were "literally begging Bhad Bhabie to make an onlyfans way fuckin‘ before she turned 18."

"She made one the second she did. The fact this shit is so normalized scares the fuck out of me," they added. "Grown ass men should NEVER be asking underage girls to make an onlyfans."

Unfortunately though, this sort of situation is nothing new. After all, young female celebrities — including Millie Bobbie Brown and the Olsen twins — have always been sexualized by predatory creeps, many of whom start online threads and chats dedicated to counting down the days until they become "legal." So gross.

Photo via Getty / Taylor Hill / FilmMagic