Healing With Crystal Sex Toys and Space Orgasms

Healing With Crystal Sex Toys and Space Orgasms

Some people watch TV to unwind. Some people masturbate, some meditate, others use crystal healing. Vanessa Cuccia founded Chakrubs, her line of handcrafted crystal sex toys, to employ the latter three. Dildos, butt plugs, and yoni eggs are carved out of stones like jade and rose quartz with the intention to heal and explore inward, literally and figuratively. We spoke with Cuccia about self-healing and self-pleasing.

When and why did you start Chakrubs?

I came up with the concept of Chakrubs in 2011. At the time it was an immediate response I had to healing my own sexual trauma I had endured for six years prior. I had realized that my relationship was not healthy and caused me to disassociate from my body during sex, subconsciously learning that pleasure was reserved for my boyfriend and engaging in sexual acts was something I did for him, not me.

I knew that I needed to take ownership of my pleasure but I also knew that I needed more than an orgasm — I needed to connect with myself on a deeper level. Chakrubs was my answer to experience pleasure and emotional healing. It helped me, it then helped my friends, and in 2012 I brought it to the world to help as many people as possible.

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What came first: your interest in crystal healing or self-pleasure and sex toys? How did you decided to marry the two?

These interests were both being nurtured at the same time. After ending my relationship, I took a job at an adult shop to surround myself with people who were sex-positive, knowledgeable about sexuality, and non-judgmental. I also had invited a young spiritual teacher to come live with me — and we would practice crystal healing and study energy systems. I had a decent discount at the adult store — but nothing spoke to me too much.

One night I was a guest along with the spiritual teacher to this intense "meeting of the minds" where prominent figures in the spiritual community were gathering. A woman showed me her collection of crystals and something clicked. With some alterations I could carve and polish crystals into a desired shape for pleasure. This wasn't only going to get me off, it would help me turn on and tune in. This is what I wanted to explore my sensuality with.

Can you explain a little bit about how crystal healing works?

We are in constant state of exchanging energy with everything around us. Crystals emit a healthy frequency, so when you share a space with a crystal, your energy is becoming more like that of the crystal. It takes openness to feel these shifts, and so that is why intention and ritual are an important aspect of crystal healing.

How does crystal-aided masturbation differ from typical practices?

You can have a cathartic or spiritual experience at any time. It takes an open heart and open mind. But what Chakrubs introduces into masturbation practice is healing intention, because they are made from crystal and carry a strong ethos of self-love and awareness. Chakrubs motivates the user to address certain blockages one may have due to experiencing a bad break-up, sexual trauma, or shame associated with sex.

In a session with Chakrubs, it is not uncommon for the user to engage in some kind of ritual or meditation before employing the crystal for sexual stimulation. Not only does this infuse the session with not just physical sensation, for sexual energy, encouraging these blocks to be released. When you work with a Chakrub, you infuse it with your intention that is unique for your situation. For example, it may be to be open to experiencing love. Now, every time you become aroused and are ready to have a session with your Chakrub, you become reminded or your intention, strengthening its presence in your life.

Do you think most people have blocked sexual energy without realizing it?

I think that no matter who you are you have some sort of underlying block or trauma relating to sex. There is undeniably a great deal of shame when it comes to sex in our society and we rarely are given the tools to develop emotional intelligence to process such complex feelings. Crystals work with energy to alter these low vibrations, but even just giving proper attention and awareness to these deep rooted issues can have massive effects. Aside from the metaphysical, Chakrubs promotes internal massage, increasing blood flow to the body to enhance pleasure.

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How would you recommend someone reap their Chakrub or yoni egg's full benefit?

Understand that it's a process. Give yourself permission to feel. And let yourself take the time you need. Many people "charge" their Chakrubs in the full moon or do yoni egg exercises like vaginal weight lifting. I say, just be open, listen to your body, and know that once you set foot on this path of self-discovery, there's no turning back.

What is your favorite product? Which would you recommend for beginners?

I'm pretty in love with my Chakrubs Prism, as anyone who follows my Instagram will tell you. It's pretty much always with me and makes me feel so happy just to look at it. It's made from clear quartz and has little rainbows inside. But when I first started my practice with Chakrubs, I used the Xaga, which is what I recommend for beginners. It's made from Obsidian, which is known to release negative emotional implants that no longer serve our greater good any longer. It is an intense stone, but if you're willing to do the work it is quite transformative.

Have you heard of anyone having an extreme, out-of-body or otherworldly experience from combining crystal healing with self-pleasure?

Oh yes. I've heard on more than one occasion people experiencing kundalini awakenings. One testimonial I received just said, "SPACE ORGASMS." [Laughs] I love it. But everyone is different and what's important is that you listen to your body and simply be open to opening.

For more information, visit Chakrubs.com.