What Is Céline Dion's Bizarre New Ad Promoting?

What Is Céline Dion's Bizarre New Ad Promoting?

Soon, you can dress you little ones like the tiny queer streetwear hypebeasts in their hearts courtesy of Céline Dion! The Canadian songstress took to Twitter today to share a bizarre advertisement for her forthcoming genderless clothing line, "Celinununu" (pron. "sel-in-nu-nu-nu"?).

In the video which makes not one reference to clothing, the aforementioned brand, or children, Céline finds herself pinned to the ground by cops, but tries to use her fame to get out of it "It's okay! I'm Céline Dion" before the video cuts to a link to the collection.

Is the concept that Céline being persecuted by the state for by raising her children without gender?

We have truly no idea. The full unveiling is tomorrow, but go ahead and peruse the preview of Dion's minimalist, greyscale graphic and alphabet print tees and leggings, meant to "inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes," here.

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