The 'Cat Person' Writer Has a Horror Film in the Works

The 'Cat Person' Writer Has a Horror Film in the Works

By Hilton Dresden

Kristen Roupenian, author of the viral New Yorker short story Cat Person, has a movie deal with A24, the company behind such films as Moonlight and Lady Bird.

Cat Person, told in an unflinchingly honest and creepily relatable way, the story of a college girl who meets an older boy; ends up having terrible sex with the boy; the boy thinks he's in love with her; she's repulsed by him and breaks things off. It was widely acclaimed upon publication in December and skyrocketed to be the site's most-read fiction story of 2017.

A24 were fans of Roupenian's story, and upon learning she had a script at large they worked to find it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"What the execs found was a shrewd character study where mystery and deep-seated scares blended in such a way that the company saw an opportunity to make a horror movie that could also be culturally relevant," they write. "The plan is to fast-track the script to production."

The film is titled Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and while it is a horror film, details about its actual plot are still being kept under wraps.

A24 has become involved with scripts at various stages of development before—the move shows them joining the process earlier than most of their previous projects.

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