Carol Ades Knows You've Been 'Crying During Sex'

Carol Ades Knows You've Been 'Crying During Sex'

Carol Ades has been dominating as a songwriter for the likes of pop all-stars Demi Lovato, Ava Max and Selena Gomez — and now she's focusing on her solo career with a soon-to-be-announced debut EP. "Crying During Sex," the latest single off Ades' breakout project, proves her power with the pen, only this time it's her own voice singing the words.

Like the greatest tracks that make you scream, cry and dance at once, Ades nails a complex concoction of emotions on the early aughts-leaning, radio-rock cut. "God I'm so obsessed with forever/ I think I forgot to remember," she begins on the chorus, wrapped in giant garage guitars. "Everything I'm feeling/ Is much more than who I let inside my body."

For Ades, "Crying During Sex" is about a "really confusing hard time" in her life when she found herself getting emotional during sexual encounters. "I felt like my body was hovering above me, and it was so scary and confusing and sad at the same time," she says. "I'm not in that place anymore, but I wrote this in the thick of it so I could try and make sense of the experience."

Emotions — especially the darkest, craziest ones — are the most universal to sing about, and Ades does so without depicting her own as something to be ashamed of. Rather, "Crying During Sex" renders as both a celebration and honest reckoning with the truth. "I think it's something people don't talk about a lot and I'm definitely not the only one who's experienced it," Ades says, using her solo effort as an opportunity to write without fear.

The "Crying During Sex" music video, directed by Zachary Bailey, brings to life a whirlwind romance that ends with Ades sitting alone in the rain. To pull everything off, the production team stayed out all night filming in the freezing cold, while Bailey cut a hole in the car at 3 AM to execute the final scene. Meanwhile, Ades' girlfriend had to watch her make out with co-star and love interest Adam Melchor.

"This was my favorite video I've ever shot," Ades says. "Zachary Bailey is so incredible and was on top of the car at 3 AM cutting the roof off. Everyone was at max effort, and we were all tired and wet from the rain and lake and it couldn't have turned out better. The song is about a really chaotic feeling in a loving relationship, and I wanted the video to feel loving and real and I feel like we really did that."

Photos courtesy of Love Artists Agency/ Cash Danielsen